Monday, November 19, 2012

Santa Exhibit in Progress

When you are given a second chance at life, it has a profound effect on your outlook and your priorities. At least that's what happened to me. All through the surgery and follow-up treatments, my sister and I were working on Santas for an exhibit in Paris. This was the added incentive I needed to get well. As a way of saying thank you, we decided that the Santas should be employed to make someone else happy too! We donated our year's work to the Kathe Kruse Museum in Donauworth, Germany. They are to be sold as a fund raiser to be used to purchase antique Kathe Kruse dolls for the museum collection. Here a few of the Santas photographed as the exhibit was being mounted last week.
Why the Kathe Kruse Museum? There are numerous reasons, chief among them, our admiration for Kathe Kruse. She survived adversity from the time she was born, but she was never daunted. She supported her family with her doll making through two wars, the Great Depression and the communist take over of her country. The survival of the company was due mainly to Kathe Kruse's remarkable ability to adapt and diversify, lessons that are as important today as they were 100 years ago.
The company continues to thrive through diversity in the modern global economic community. They are the longest continuously producing German doll company in existence. Their classic dolls are made with the same degree of handwork as in 1912, a tradition that we embrace in our Santa-making.
Our Santas will be on exhibit at the Kathe Kruse Museum, in the Donauworth Heimatsmuseum and at the Kris Kindl Markt. They are for sale in all three places.

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